Phd, Assistant Professor 

LMU Munich

Chair of International Economics, 

LMU Munich, 

Room 223, Ludwigstr. 28, Front Building

80539 Munich, Germany 

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Working Papers under review

The Direct and Indirect Effect of Services Offshoring on Local Labour Market Outcomes (2021)

This study proves evidence of five new empirical facts on the impact of services offshoring on local labour markets. First, services offshoring increases average employment and wages within local labour markets, much more so in the manufacturing industry than in the services one. Second, positive effects are both on firms directly offshoring services and on non-offshoring firms located in the same local labour market of offshoring ones. Third and fourth, services offshoring increases the differences between firms and between workers. Even when not directly involved in offshoring, larger firms and those paying higher wages benefit the most from services offshoring, as well as workers in managerial and professional occupations or with a higher level of education. Lastly, the paper proves that the definition of a local labour market is pivotal for the results: local area and sector-local area specifications reveal positive impacts of services offshoring, opposite to sectoral one.

[pdf] (New Version In Preparation)

Work in Progress

Taxing Services in the Global Economy (2022), with Andreas Baur and Lisandra Flach [working title]

Modes of Trade in Services, a Firm-Level Analysis (2022), with Holger Breinlich [working title]

Productivity Distribution and Firms' Rank, the Role of Services (2021) [working title]

Other writing 

I contributed to the first draft of the paper  Does automation erode governments’ tax basis? (Hötte, Theodorakopoulos, Koutroumpis 2021) as part of the Technequality Project.

At the Department for International Trade, UK Ministry of Trade:  Estimating the economic impact of FDI to support the Department for International Trade’s promotion strategy: Analytical report